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Escape Webinar

A few months back I did a webinar for Escape Studios where I talked through a project I worked on while at Polar Media. We did a job in collaboration with MPC for BP as part of their olympics showcase last summer. It was a really unique project in that it was to be projected on 4 or 5 walls in a specially designed space in the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. This meant a completely unique approach to almost everything and we worked very closely with the team at MPC to ensure all the lineup was spot on and everything was looking tip top.


You can check out my talk here where I outline my role as on set VFX supervisor to final compositing and delivery.

I’ll put up a separate post with more details on that project.



New Website!

Finally launching the website! Still have a good bit of work to upload so bear with me. It will trickle in.